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Behind The Cover

We spend weeks, months, maybe even years writing our story, developing our characters, and polishing it to perfection. And then…drum roll please….we create the cover.

Well, actually, the cover usually comes somewhere in the middle of all that. And for some authors, the cover is made before they begin writing. But regardless of where this step falls, it’s a big one. They say,

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

But let’s be realistic. People do. If a cover doesn’t grab a reader’s attention, they’re not as likely to read the synopsis, and they might even pass up the book completely.

And no one wants that.

But more importantly, this is an exciting part of the publishing process. Capturing the feel of your story and seeing the title and your name across the perfect image is an amazing feeling.

I’ve been so fortunate with my covers—I love them all. But the cover for my new release, Lovers Restored, is extra special to me. Why? Because my friends were awesome enough to be the models!

LoverRestored Cover.jpg


Andrew is a pretty great guy. Super sweet, an awesome daddy, and a firefighter to boot. And those arms? Yep, perfect for a Brazen book cover! He was such a trooper. He’d never done anything like that before and he was very professional and laid back. And ladies, I was making him do some pretty intimate poses! Ha, you know how we like our Brazen covers! HOT. And he nailed it! I LOVE the shots we got.


Taylor is such a doll, and a dork! She is so quirky and has such a fun spirit. And get this: her hair—it’s naturally red, and you won’t find extensions on that head. Yep, her hair is truly that long! She is gorgeous, and she depicted the heroine of my story perfectly!

I can’t forget Nikki Meyers, owner of Nikki Rae Photography, (check out her website here) who took the photos. She was amazing. The photos turned out perfect, and I couldn’t be happier!

collage .jpg

Haven't read Lovers Restored yet? Grab your copy here!


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