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No Dedication.

The big day is finally here!



The day is finally here, and as always, it's a bit surreal. Months and months of hard work all wraped up in a gorgeous package of words. (And of course a gorgeous cover--but, we'll get to that in tomorrow's post.)

Writing for Entangled's Brazen imprint has been a goal of mine since before I became a published author, and to see that dream realized, to reach that goal, feels pretty damn amazing.

But enough about me. What I really want to talk about is you. Yes, YOU. All of you. Everyone. Because, while I may have written the words, you made this happen.

Everyone played a part in this story--hell, in every story. From the person who invented the Keurig, to my family who helped with the kids, to my editor who whipped this into shape, and everyone in between. Thank you.

I could list a gazillion sappy reasons why readers are the foundation of my carreer, why bloggers are the backbone, and why my friends and family hold it all together. But who's really got time for all that? Because honestly, you've all created a pretty damn long lists of reasons. And for that, I'm blessed.

And that is why this book does not contain a dedication. Dedicating it to just one simply isn't fair, and dedicating it to everyone is too vague for the praise everyone deserves. So I leave it blank, and ask your to fill in your own name.

Because this book is for you.


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