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*Please note that this is a work in progress and is subject to change.*

All rights reserved. Copyright Kelsie Leverich


I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t remember.


Twenty-three years of my life just…gone.


It’s strange how memory is the very essence of who we are. And without it, I was lost.


Only he found me.


He was intense, eyes looking at me as if they saw through my soul. He was angry and most of the time withdrawn. Until he was passionate, and safe, and…familiar.


My instincts told me to stay away—my unfamiliar heart hesitant. But I was drawn to him.


He consumed me like a storm, then was gone like the breeze. But like the waves, his love crashed down on me. And I knew I would never be the same.


After surviving a near fatal accident, Kenna Andrews struggles to find her way around a world she can’t remember. Her home and the people around her are nothing more than a painful reminder of a life she doesn’t know. In pursuit of finding herself, Kenna escapes to the coast for an extended getaway. Only she never imagined she would find her heart instead… 

Two years ago, Deckard Levy broke the heart of the woman he loved, letting her slip right through his fingers. And not a day goes by that he doesn’t think of her. So when his path crosses with the woman who consumes his past, a woman who no longer remembers him, he knows this is his second chance…

Drawn to him, Kenna is seduced by Deckard’s familiar touch. But while her body is docile in his arms, her heart is hesitant. And just as Deckard thinks he has her back, he faces losing her all over again…




I feel you like the wind.


Here softly, caressing me gently. Then gone again.

Chapter One



Carry me, breeze, so I feel your embrace.


Take me there. Take me in.

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